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Join Somerset Day’s treasure hunt to find the Thatchers Gold!

Win big in Thatchers first-ever immersive treasure hunt by finding clues placed around Wells city centre and online.

Our free hunt starts on May 11th at 11am, so be sure to get there on time as it’s a race against the clock! This event is for over 18’s only, here’s how it works:

  • At 11am, a number of clues will be released on the Somerset Day social media channels so you’ll need your phone and access to the internet on the day, follow them on Facebook & Instagram
  • Your task is to find a series of stickers, each with a number or letter on them. These numbers and letters form a code which gives you the final location of the prize.
  • The clues, whether they’re a riddle, rhyme or a picture, will lead you location. This could be an establishment in Wells city centre or an online web page.
  • Head to the location to discover the number or letter on a sticker in their window. If the location is online, a sticker will be hidden on a web page.
  • Once you have found all the stickers, you’ll have the final code. Enter this code on this site to receive the final location where the prize is hidden. Be the first to get there to win the amazing prize worth over £150, there’s no time to lose!

Remember, you’re taking part at your own risk and need to be responsible for your own health and safety. Watch out for busy roads, uneven pavements and don’t forget to bring a coat if it rains!

Win big with a prize worth over £150

Including 48 bottles of Thatchers Cider, a guided tour of Thatchers for four people, two Thatchers t-shirts and a £20 voucher available to spend at The Railway Inn and the Thatchers Cider shop.

The Prize

Get involved in the hunt

Make sure you follow the #thatchersgoldhunt hashtag, for additional hints and tips to help find the clues on the day.

Your clues for the hunt

Use these clues to help you find the hidden locations:

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